About the Journal

Jordanian Educational Journal

             Refereed Indexed Scientific Journal

The Jordanian Educational Journal is a periodical journal issued by the Jordanian Society for Educational Sciences every four months, and aims at:

1. Activating the scientific research movement related to educators' initiation in the Kingdom of Jordan, in particular, and in the Arab world, in general.

2. Disseminating researches and studies in the fields of science and education.

3. Highlighting creative abilities and innovative ideas of researchers interested in the field of education, through addressing issues related to the educational status.

4. Encouraging researchers and scholars to contribute to the development of educational programs through their original scientific proposals.

5. The JAES have a research goal; which is implementing research and studies related to educational issues upon the request of any ministry, institution or directorate


Procedures of Publishing in the Journal

  • The researcher submits his research paper to the Editor in Chief, with a written undertaking letter that this research paper has not been published or submitted for publication in another journal before.
  • The research paper is presented to the Editorial Board of the Journal and recorded in its records.
  • If there are comments from the Editorial Board, the research paper will be re-examined before being sent to referees.
  • The research paper is sent to two well-known referees in the scientific community.
  • The research paper is published in the case of positive reports from both referees, and after the researcher makes the required amendments, if any.
  • In the case of a negative report from one of the referees, the research paper will be sent to a third referee to determine whether it is valid for publication or not.
  • In case of negative reports from both referees, the research paper will be rejected.
  • The research paper will be resent to any of the two referees after modification, in order to review the required amendments.
  • If the reviewer reports that the researcher has not made the necessary amendments, the researcher will be given a last chance to do them; otherwise, the research paper will be rejected.