Peer Reviwe

The Jordanian Education Journal double-blind peer-review

the steps of double-blind peer-review process is as following :

  • The researcher submits his research paper to the Editor in Chief, with a written undertaking letter that this research paper has not been published or submitted for publication in another journal before.
  • The research paper is presented (blindly) to the Editorial Board of the Journal and recorded in its records.
  • If there are comments from the Editorial Board, the research paper will be re-examined before being sent to referees.
  • The research paper is sent to two well-known referees in the scientific community.
  • The research paper is published in the case of positive reports from both referees, and after the researcher makes the required amendments, if any.
  • In the case of a negative report from one of the referees, the research paper will be sent to a third referee to determine whether it is valid for publication or not.
  • In case of negative reports from both referees, the research paper will be rejected.
  • The research paper will be resent to any of the two referees after modification, in order to review the required amendments.
  • If the reviewer reports that the researcher has not made the necessary amendments, the researcher will be given a last chance to do them; otherwise, the research paper will be rejected.